Noreva Iklen Anti-Brown Spot Photoprotective Cream SPF 50+ 30ml


This light-textured, water-resistant sunscreen helps to protect skin against UVA and UVA rays, while treatment ingredients help to reduce the appearance of pigmented blemishes. For all skin types.

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The combination of 3 broadspectrum sun filters gives your skin very high anti-UVA-UVB sun protection. Plus its anti-hyperpigmenation ingredients inhibits the production of melanin and limits the appearance of dark spots.
This formula, enriched in sophora-α and in centaureidine, also inhibits the production and the migration of melanin to limit the appearance of dark spots.
Liquorice, a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, helps protect the skin from photo-ageing.

Broad spectrum sun filters
Inhibits production of melanin
Fragrance free
Water resistant


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